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How to really learn your bible

If your like me, you can read a whole book of the bible and quickly forget most of what you just read. This is probably because the bible is so rich in content that ones mind can become quickly overloaded!

Here is a tip that I learned recently that is helping me quite a bit. Rather then reading a book and then moving on to the next, try this. Start with “1 John”. Read the entire 5 chapters in one sitting. This should only take about 25 minutes to complete because there is only 5 chapters. Then tomorrow do the same thing. Read “1 John” all 5 chapters.

Do this for 30 days! After 30 days of reading the same book, you will know it pretty well. You will be able to quote much of it off the top of your head and you will have a much better understanding.

After spending 30 days of reading “1 John”, move onto “John”. Yes I know, John is 21 chapters! It would take a long time to read the whole book of John in one sitting. So break it down into 5 chapter segments. Do the first 5 chapters for thirty days then the next 5 chapters for the next 30 days and so on.

If you continue to do this for 3 years, you will know the whole new testament like the back of your hand! You will then find yourself being able to mentally cross reference the new testament of the top of your head.

When trying to learn something, repetition is your friend!

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